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I'm a contemporary visual artist, born in Italy in 1990. Imagination is my daily dose of reconnection and meditation with myself and my art, which is largely inspired by the surrounding nature and the places that hold a special place in my heart.

I've always been a dreamer since I was a kid and on any random day you could typically find me sketching or painting something in my drawing pad. Vivid colour spark an emotional response in my mind, they let me freely express myself, disregarding rigid rules and restrictions and allowing me to fully explore pouring my creativity over the canvas.

I envisioned my artistic career when I was living in Australia, in 2015. At the time I was completing my university studies with a Master in Architecture and within a few months, in my final semester, I curated my very first fine art exhibition, discovering my joy in sharing my artworks with others. After moving from Australia and travelling for a few months in South East Asia I relocated in Auckland, New Zealand. I recently moved back to Italy after another travel period in Indonesia and I'm now planning my next destination.


Since the very start, through my art experimentation process, I developed the abstract painting technique that I use today. After these years of practice, I still find that hanging out in natural places and travelling are my source of primary inspiration, so I'm always looking for new adventures and destinations for my trips.


Check out my Artist Statement page and the FAQs section to find out more about my creative practice. If you have a question, send a message by clicking here.

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