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In 2015 , in Australia, Ludovica Chamois’s creative artistic lab started to grow its roots.

The focus of the expressive research of the artist consists of canvas art, made of vividly coloured combinations of acrylic paints and mixed media. The style that best describes her work is abstract expressionism.

Her works are strongly influenced by the periods she lived abroad, in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia, as well as by the Italian alpine landscapes, where she grew up as a child. Nature is the main theme alongside special places, travel impressions and personal experiences. Strong hues, contrasting colours and a personal graphic style are at the base of the original artworks.


Most of the artworks represent a specific natural location visited by the artist: the blades of grass moved by the wind in the hilly New Zealand's north island, the colours and textures of the Australian red soil, marine life seen underwater in the shallow waters of Indonesia, the erosion of the Alpine rocks and its moss, the view of a Kiwi lake nested through the mountains seen from above. The visual research in the approach of a new canvas artwork ranges from a bird's eye view of a remote natural location, such as the mountainous Tongariro Alpine natural park in New Zealand, to the rugged texture of the desert rock pinnacles near Esperance, in Western Australia, or the watery layers of mangroves, soil, leaves and animals in the Mekong river in Vietnam.

Everything can become an emotional representation of a natural place or a single element through loose paint brushstrokes and the canvas material surface and my vision brings together colours and textural components as a whole piece of art.



“In all of nature, in trees for instance, I see expression and a soul.”

Vincent Van Gogh, The Hague, December 10th 1882, to Theo Van Gogh

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